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Brandon Torres

When watching Eagle News in the morning, do you ever stop to wonder who’s doing the work behind the cameras? Brandon Torres, an official contestant for Mr. Norristown, is one of the scenes members of Eagle News and is often seen holding the video camera. When he’s not helping out with the news, you can usually find him outside doing various laps around the fields. 

Among the many pursuits that Torres enjoys are track, fashion, thrifting with his friends, and music. Torres especially resonates with music artist Yves Tumor, an indie artist who mostly creates experimental music.

“His music was really there for me at a time where I felt like there was so much going on,” he said. “It helped me cope with everything I was going through.” 

Taking even more inspiration from Tumor, Torres also looks at fashion as a way to express himself and stand out amongst his peers. 

“I go to different thrift stores in the city and experiment with different styles with my friends,” he said. “It’s always a good experience whenever we go, and I end up finding good pieces.” 

Unlike most people in this day and age, Torres intentionally lacks a social media presence. He hasn’t used social media in months and has no intentions for the future.

“I got off of social media because it was bringing me down,” he said.  “I just felt like I would much rather be doing something in the real world than glued to social media.”

In a way, being so withdrawn from social media may have better prepared him for the Mr. Norristown competition. Torres’ inspiration for his entry into Mr. Norristown stems from his cousin’s performance that he watched as a freshman.

“I put myself in his shoes and it felt very fun to me,” he said.“The people being excited about what you’re putting on for them I think really excited me.” 

As the practice carried on and the day was approaching, Torres felt the weight of performing in front of an audience. When the nerves did come to him, Torres found an alternative method to overcome them. 

“Instead of trying to avoid it, I would have to embrace it,” he said. “As much as I would be nervous from all the cheers and all the noises at the end of the day they are cheering for me.” 

Torres’s main goal is the title of Mr. Norristown. However, he also wants to leave a positive image on his audience.

 “Overall, I just want everyone to have fun because that’s what I’m doing this for. I hope everyone enjoys it and leaves with a good laugh out of it or a good memory from it.”  

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