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From the earliest of his childhood memories, music has always been a part of Dayon Littlepage’s life. “I’m just a guy that loves music, comedy, and his family.” Littlepage is funny, outgoing and talented, and he believes he will be the next Mr. Norristown. Littlepage enjoys being goofy while making his friends and loved ones laugh.

“I try to focus on the good in people,” Littlepage said. Besides music and hanging out with his friends, Littlepage spends his free time cooking and playing video games and football.

After seeing Mr. Norristown in 2018, Littlepage decided he really wanted to be a part of the event because it seemed fun. “If I was Mr. Norristown, It would honestly be such a real accomplishment,” he said. “I would be so emotional, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Without revealing too much of his act, Littlepage states that he will bring some type of music to the show. “My talent will not only get everyone in their feelings, but it will also get the audience to be like wow we really respect his talent and how it brings everyone together.”

“I’ve always liked music ever since I was a kid,” Littlepage said. “I remember being like four and bumping to some oldies in the car with my pop.” Now, he loves to listen to and make music at home and is an active member of NAHS’ select choir. “I always feel amazed to be a part of this choir,” Littlepage said. “I learn new things every day.”

“The four years I’ve been at Norristown were like a roller coaster,” Littlepage explained. Although Littlepage experienced a “hell of a ride with lots of ups and downs,” he loves this high school and would not want to go anywhere else. “This school is something special,” Littlepage said. “It has more heart than any other school and I love how I can be myself here.”

As Littlepage concludes his times at Norristown, he reveals he can’t wait to go to college and have experiences he never had before at Norristown. His future goals include being successful, having a huge family, living in a big house, and overall just being happy.

Instagram and Snapchat: @Dayday_dynasty

Fun Fact: Littlepage is scared of horror movies.


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