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A talented track star, Ruben Morales is one of the many contestants who is competing to become the next Mr. Norristown. “Something I bring to the table would be dancing because I feel like I’m decent enough to get up there and win.”

He stated that he never took an interest in Mr. Norristown until Mrs. Shahin and Mrs. Bartlett suggested the idea and convinced him to run for the show. He at first told them he didn’t want to participate because he is busy. He then decided to give it a second look considering all his friends wanted him to do it.

Morales describes himself as hardworking and dedicated. “I was never the type to not go through with something,” Morales stated. “I always had that mindset like whatever you put your mind to that’s what you will do.”

The last four years have been a roller-coaster for Morales. He describes his overall experience at the high as amazing, but there were always some challenges and obstacles that he had to face and overcome. “My experience has been good with the teachers, the faculty, and just all over the place, everything has been good with my experiences here.”

Morales credits all of his track coaches for shaping him into the person he is today.  “I give credit to my track coaches because at the end of the day they have pushed me, mentally and physically, to do better with myself,” he said.

Morales has a pretty busy life and says that he never has free time. His typical day would consist of going to school, then going to track practice, from which he doesn’t get home until 7. He then does his homework and is extremely tired at the end of the day, so he goes to bed when all is through.

After he graduates, he is planning to go to either Kutztown or Shippensburg University and wants to study Entrepreneurship with a minor in Psychology.

Senior year has been very eventful for Morales. He just wants to go out with a “bang” and remember his senior year as a fun time.

Before he graduates, Morales wants the underclassman to “stay on top of your work and don’t let anyone affect you negatively and stay positive.”


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