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‘Kobe Bryant of Psychology’ Sends NAHS Teacher Surprise Shout-out

‘Kobe Bryant of Psychology’ Sends NAHS Teacher Surprise Shout-out

February 13, 2019

Phil Zimbardo is a renowned psychologist, known for his infamous Stanford Prison Experiment, but...

Chris Ayala

March 9, 2018

Chris was born in Maron, Georgia and has spent all four years  learning in Norristown Area School Distr...

Kevin Hernandez

March 9, 2018

Kevin Hernandez describes himself as funny, smart and bilingual and also believes them to be the reason ...

Kyler Robinson- Puleo

March 9, 2018

Kyler was born in Norristown and has been educated through Norristown School District for 13 years. H...

Jeremiah A. Bynum

March 6, 2018

If you don't know Jeremiah by name, its possible you know him as the really tall guy who plays the s...

Noel Irizarry

March 6, 2018

Noel was born in Norristown and has spent four years learning at Norristown Area School District. Describin...

Brandon Neely

March 6, 2018

Brandon was born at the Phoenixville Hospital and has spent 15 years learning in the Norristown Area...

NAHS Track Team at 2018 Indoor States

NAHS Track Team at 2018 Indoor States

February 28, 2018

This past weekend the NAHS track team had a few of our fellow classmates compete at the 2018 indoor...

Jesus Hernandez Alcala

February 14, 2018

Jesus describes himself as athletic, funny and smart. Throughout his years at NAHS he has participat...

“The Valley”

Kelsey Lintellsmith, Contributor

February 8, 2017

Filed under Norristown's Finest, Showcase

In our youth we were wild and free. we ran through the valley and into the forest, looking for something that was unknown to us. we heard a call, we saw a strange being. and in that moment we knew this was her forest. she invited us to dance to the songs of the weeping willow. and to live among the roses. we danced , laughed...

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