Seniors Reconnect Over Carnival Games and Friendship

Hope Rose Mauch and Kayla Kost, Associate Editors

The 2020-2021 class graduates went out with a final, carnival-themed, party to end their time at Norristown. Instead of having a traditional, school-sponsored prom due to Coronavirus restrictions, the seniors decided to hold an outside event with a carnival theme. The event was brought together by multiple staff members but mainly organized by Class of 2021 sponsor Rachel Knoff. 

Although Knoff worked tirelessly to put the event together, she credits the NAHS staff for making it all happen. ¨I couldn’t imagine it without the staff,” she said. “Huge thanks to them!” 

On June 4th at 4 pm, if you were a senior attending the event at Norristown High School you would have been surrounded by fun. After getting checked in, you were met with a sea of bubbles and the smell of delicious tacos. If you walk down to the back of the school, you might notice a big crowd of people around a dunk tank, and inside the gym lobby, you’d find a photo booth and enormous snack table filled with hoagies from Wawa, Chic-fil-A sandwiches, and donuts. The gym itself was filled with games and music.  

On the hot Friday, after a storm that could have pushed the event completely indoors, the sun wasn’t the only thing cooking. On top of the endless amounts of sandwiches of sweets, there was a taco truck serving the attendees delicious food. To keep cool, students found coolers upon coolers filled with a variety of drinks and even a Kona Ice truck!

“Everything is as expected and considering everything we went through [this past year], it is a huge success,” said Knoff. 

Multiple activities both indoors and outdoors were lively and giving people the chance to build memories full of random fun. The dunk tank was occupied by guidance counselors Nichole Mitchell and Jeffrey MacNamara and principals Ed Roth and Chuck Brenner. The students would try their hardest to knock their advisers into the tank, but we all learned it was rigged when Ms. Mitchell was up. The other activities consisted of scooter races, bean bag tosses, obstacle courses, all equally as exciting for those both participating or watching.  

“It was really nice what the staff did for us,” said senior Beatriz Alcala-Ascension. Many others had the same to say. 

Most seniors who were spoken to were excited to see friends one last time before graduation. Some even said that it was nice to see some people they haven’t in a while due to life just being so chaotic. And not only were the students excited to see others, but the teachers who attended were also having a fun time.  

“It was nice to be with friends I haven’t seen in years,” said Alcala-Ascension. 

Many seniors also talked about how they will miss Norristown’s diversity and its teachers. They spoke about how they truly loved this school and were disappointed in how their last year went but still have all the memories from past years.